Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer nights

tonight was one for the books.  not because of any one unbelievable thing, but just because it was the best version of our everyday nights.  we've decided that our weeknights are almost always more exciting or memorable than our weekends--not really sure why that is, but it is?

jillian and i tend to be pretty easy to please.  i mean we're generally really happy people already.  but currently, we couldn't love our lives any more than we do.  we spent the entire last year gushing about nashville.....sorry/thank you to our roommates, friends, and family who put up with us talking about it ALL the time.  but now we LIVE here.  what?  that still doesn't seem real.

but the reason tonight was so great was because we did what we loved the most here.  we got to be in our tiny home which now has the BEST back porch ever with twinkly lights all over the place.

we're slightly obsessed.
then, rick and spence were the nicest and came over and were just as excited as we were.  as silly as it sounds, that's what we're called to do.  romans 12:15 says, "be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep."  it's just so much better to go through the ups and downs, simple joys and times of tragedy of life with the people you love around you.

we proceeded to go directly back to their house to jump on their brand new trampoline.  because why wouldn't they have a trampoline?  anyways, i realize that little instance is so insignificant, but it meant something to me.  it made me appreciate (for the millionth time) the unbelievable people i love here and happy to think about all that is ahead of us.  

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